Corporate History














· Established  Bains Medical Co., Ltd.

· Signed a contract with Huhpharma       Co., Ltd. as a cooperative firm                regarding exclusive distribution

  of medical devices

· Signed a contract with Scigen Ltd.

   as a cooperative firm regarding               domestic import and marketing

· Signed a contract with Zhonghe             Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (China)           regarding domestic exclusive                 distribution of HERI injection

· Signed a contract with Biosyn Korea

   Co., Ltd. as a cooperative firm                regarding distribution of Selenase          products

· Obtained KGSP certification from            Korea Food and Drug Administration

· Established Cure Medipharm Co.,

   Ltd. (Mergers and Acquisitions of 

   Bains Medical)

· Signed a contract with Everraid Co.,

   Ltd. regarding the manufacture and 

   distribution of medical devices

· Signed a contract with Hs Bio 

   regarding exclusive distribution of


· Signed a contract with Huons and 

   Han Wha Parma Co., Ltd. regarding 

   distribution of medications

· Signed a contract with New Shin 

   Pharm Itd. Regarding consignment

· Signed a contract with Green Cross 

   Pharma (well-being) Co., Ltd. 

   regarding distribution of   


· Established a subsidiary company, 

   Curebiotech (production of raw 

   materials of biopolymer

· Changed the name of company to 

  CURE Pharmtech Co., Ltd.

· Established a subsidiary company,

  Of In Medipharm Co., Ltd.

  (Distribution and sales of medications

   and medical supplies)

· Established a subsidiary company, 

   CURE Anicare Co., Ltd. 

  (Distribution and sales of medications

   and medical devices for the use of


· Established CURE F&B Co., Ltd. 

  (Manufacture pet foods)

· Signed a contract with the veterinary 

   department of Kunkuk University for 

   clinical test of animal medicine

· Distribution and sales of LOOPIX, a 

   drainaige fixing device.

· Constructed a certified GMP in 

   Munsan, Paju

· Produce CURE LINE suture materials

· Signed a contract with New Health 

  Care Co., Ltd. as a cooperative firm

· Obtained venture business 


· Established Industrial R&D Center

·  Designation of PDCL, PLDA 

   absorbent monofilament 

   government project

· Certificated as ‘Youth-friendly small 

   business in 2021’ 

· Designation of animal medicine 

   clinical trial institution 

· Distribution and sales of animal 

   medicines (TBD)

· Selected for a 'Promising Small and

   Medium-sized Enterprise

   Certification' by Gyeonggi provincial 

   government in 2021