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23 Dec 2020
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Gyeonggi Province grants benefits to exemplary companies that give interview fees

Certified as a good company in Gyeonggi-do that pays “interview allowance”


Thirty-two companies in Gyeonggi-do were selected as “Gyeonggi-do Interview Allowance Companies in the second half of 2020”.


The “Interview Allowance Payment Company Certification System” is a policy that Gyeonggi Province promoted from this year in order to further promote a healthy job search and job search culture by discovering and certifying companies that pay interview allowances and providing various benefits.


'Interview allowance' refers to the cost that a company provides to candidates for the purpose of transportation, etc. during a hiring interview.


The 32 companies that were certified this time have been paying interview allowances more than once before the recruitment date, and they are those that plan to pay them in the future.


In particular, even though it is an economically difficult time due to the recent spread of Corona 19 around the world, Tao explains that it has been a model by providing ‘interview allowance’ to job seekers as well as consistent recruitment of human resources.


In fact, in the case of Uiwang-based wholesale and retail company A, it pays an interview allowance of up to 100,000 won depending on the place of residence in the sense of treating candidates who have been interested in the company and the efforts they have made for employment.


As a result, a total of 48 companies, including 16 companies selected in the first half of this year, will be certified as “interview allowance payment companies”.


In the future, certified companies can receive additional points when applying for 12 types of corporate support projects promoted by Gyeonggi-do, such as job excellence company certification, support for promising small and medium enterprises, technology development projects, and overseas marketing support.

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