Cure Pharmtech releases its new product, “SHOWER-CHURUM”

8 Dec 2021
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Cure Pharmtech Co., Ltd. announced on the 30th that it has released a ‘Shower-churum’ wash glove that can easily use without water.

“Shower-churum” is a glove-type that has applied for a design patent, not a regular wet tissue or towel-type, and is developed to fit the curve of the hand, allowing you to thoroughly wipe the curved parts of the body.

In addition, both sides of the wash glove can be used since it contains sufficient cleaning solution to wipe the whole body with one glove. Also, all the ingredients are EWG SKIN DEEP 1~3 grades, which only contain safe fragrances for skin use by excluding allergens. “Shower-churum” is produced by an authorized manufacturer after thorough quality control such as antibacterial tests, hypoallergenic tests, and deodorization tests.

An official from Cure Pharmtech explained, “Shower-churum is easy-to-carry and the cleaning solution does not get easily dried by individual packaging, so it can be conveniently used in cases of outdoor activities such as exercise, camping, hiking, fishing, travel, and everyday life as well as bed patients who cannot wash due to discomfort.”

Meanwhile, Cure Pharmtech’s “Shower-churum” can be found in the Cure Pharmtech smartstore.

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