Cure Pharmtech selected as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise certification by Gyeonggi provincial government in 2021

4 Jan 2022
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Cure Pharmtech Co., Ltd. was selected as a "2021 Gyeonggi Province Promising Small and Medium Business" that proved its technology-based growth potential even in the recent difficult economic situation.

Cure Pharmtech Co., Ltd., which started as a pharmaceutical and medical device distribution company in 2009, now has a variety of business areas, including import licensing, biopolymer, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical device production and distribution, and has recently strengthened corporate competitiveness by applying biopolymer suture to DDS (Drug Delivery System).

CEO Kim Dae-young said, "I would like to express my gratitude for the selection of promising small and medium-sized enterprises in Gyeonggi Province in 2021, and we will contribute to revitalization of the local economics and create job opportunities by securing quality innovation and technological competitiveness."

‘Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprise by Gyeonggi Provincial Government’ is a representative certification project conducted by Gyeonggi-do since 1995 to foster companies that can lead the local economy by discovering and certifying excellent small and medium-sized enterprises in the province and to help revitalize management through the spread of certification brands.

If selected as a certified company, 39 kinds of incentives will be provided, including certification plaques and certificates, brand proliferation support, and additional points when applying for Gyeonggi-do policy funds and corporate support projects.