Product classification: General medication

Basic Information


Polypeptide in 1 Tab -----------------------------------100.0mg (Porcine spleen (Additional Spec.) 117.5mg)


Orange-colored round sugar


Supplement for chemotherapy of malignant tumor disease


Take this medicine before meal three times a day (Spleen hydrolysate powder 117.50 mg in 1 tab)


100 Tabs, 500 Tabs


Keep it in the sealed container at room temperature

Detail Information


1. Do not administer to the following patients

 1) Patient who overreacts to this drug or its composition

 2) Infants under 12 months

 3) Women who are pregnant or likely to be pregnant (It may hinder the embryo development.)

 4) Lactating women

2. Don't take this medicine in conjunction with the following medicine below.

Proteinases (It may reduce the effects of this medicine.)

3. With the following situations, please immediately stop taking this medicine and consult a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist. Keep this attachment during consultation if possible.

Occasional mild heartburn, local redness, temporary weakness, nausea could be caused.

4. Other precautions while taking this medicine

 1) Keep the stated usage and dosage.

 2) Observe the patient's condition and be careful about side effects.

5. Storage precautions

 1) Keep beyond children's grasp.

 2) Avoid direct sunlight, if possible, and seal and sotre it in a cool place with low humidity.

 3) Keep the medicine in the original container. If the medicine is stored in another container, it can cause an accident caused by misuse of the medicine or reduce the quality of the medicine.