ThyMD capsules (Thymomodulin)

ETC drug

Basic Information


Thymomodulin 80mg


Light yellow top and bottom hard capsules filled with light lemon color powder


1. Adjuvant treatment for bacterial and viral infectious diseases such as hepatitis and respiratory diseases.
2. Adjuvant treatment for immunodeficiency.


(Capsule) Adults take 1 capsule (Thymomodulin 80mg) 1 to 2 times a day.


40C (10C/PTP X 4EA), 60C (10C/PTP X 6EA)


Light-shielding airtight container, store in a dry cool dark place (below 15℃).

Detail Information


1. Do not administer to the following patients.
     1) Patients with hypersensitivity to this drug.
     2) Patients with thymus hyperactivity such as myasthenia gravis or thymic adenoma.

2. Use with caution in the following patients.
     This drug contains Yellow No. 5 (Sunset Yellow FCF, Sunset Yellow FCF), so it should be administered with caution to patients who are       

     hypersensitive to this ingredient or have a history of allergy.

3. Adverse reactions
     Allergic reactions may occur in hypersensitivity patients.

4. General precautions
     1) Patients with hypothyroidism should regularly check the thyroid gland and its functions. Treatment should be discontinued if 

           symptoms become sensitive over time.

5. Interaction
     Simultaneous application with medicinal products containing interacting proteolytic enzymes may reduce their effectiveness.

6. Administration to pregnant and lactating women
     1) It is not recommended to administer to pregnant women because there are not enough clinical data for pregnant women.
     2) It is not recommended to administer this drug to nursing mothers as it has not been confirmed whether the components of this drug 

           are excreted through breast milk.