Medical Devices

Prosealief Spray Barrier Film

Product classification: Medical device

Basic Information

Item Name

Adhesive transparent wound dressing

Item authorization numnber

No. 16-4938

Expiration date

3 years from date of manufacture


Adhesive transparent wound dressing used to prevent and protect contamination by spraying colorless and transparent liquid form of silicon to closed wound skin


1. Storage method: room temperature (1~30℃)

2. Packaging method

 1) Packaging type: Packaging in individual storage containers of polyethylene tetrephthalate

Detail Information


1. Warnings

 1) Do not use in areas where infection is feared (IV catheter, etc.) or areas where infection may occur.

 2) An irritation or hypersensitivity reaction may be occured after using this product, stop using it and consult a physician if it persists after the interruption.

2. Caution for use

 1) Use it in well ventilated areas.

 2) As this product is highly flammable, use and store it away from ignitable substances or flames

 3) This product is intended for individual patients only.

 4) When using this product with ointment, cream, or lotion etc. can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

 5)  Keep beyond children's grasp.

 6) Avoid contact with the eyes when applying.

How to use

1. Preparation before use

 1) Check the packaging and exterior of the product for damage or deterioration.

 2) Chekc the expiration date.

 3) Make sure that the skin is dry before use.

2. Instructions

 1) Spray the entire area evenly.

 2) If the application site is omitted, the area that was applied for the first time shall be dried (about 20 seconds) and then spray it again to the area.

 3) When applying to areas where skin comes in contact with other skin, separate the contacted surfaces and maintain their posture until the surfaces are completely dry.

3. when using it with adhesive tape, dressing, or equipment

 1) Make sure the application site are completely dried before applying a dressing or an adhesive.

 2) As this product is removed by adhesion, when replacing a dressing and an adhesive, apply this product again

4. when using it without other adhesive as a protective material for body fluids, feces, and urinary incontinence

 1) Reapply it every 24 to 72 hours depending on the frequency of cleaning.

 2) More frequent application may be required under severe conditions (such as continuous diarrhea) that require very frequent cleaning.

5. How to store and manage after use

 1) Keep the spray cap closed when not in use.