Medical Devices


Product classification: Medical device

Basic Information

Product name

Medical Suture Retainer

Item authorization number

No. 21-1346


It is a device used to temporarily fix or hold medical devices (non-vascular catheters) other than human tissues.


Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity

Detail Information


Precautions for use

 1) Read the instruction manual before use.

 2) This product is a disposable product. If the product falls off the skin, do not reuse it. Please change to a new product.

 3) Replace the product regularly according to the condition around the drain tube and the period of drain tube insertion. 

      This product can be used for up to 7 days at a time, and do not use it for more than 7 days.

 4) To fix the drain tube, pay attention to the change in the incision area or drain tube when rotating the ring.

      Weak immobilization can cause the drain tube to move, and excessive fixation can compress the drain tube and obstruct or block

      exudate drainage.

 5) This product is a disposable product. If the product packaging is damaged, do not use it and dispose of it as medical waste.

 6) In order to safely and superficially close the incision, pay attention to the change in the wound when rotating the rotating ring.

      Insufficient pressure can cause exudates or blisters.

 7) When removing the product, if the adhesive remains on the skin or is difficult to remove, use saline or alcohol on the edge of the dressing

      pad to remove it easily.

 8) If you are allergic to adhesive dressing, be careful when using it. Patients with infected wounds, excessive exudate, or skin defects

      around the catheter should not use the product.

How to use

1. Preparation before use

 1) Before using the product, clean and dry the applied area.

      Do not use solutions containing surfactants (saline or alcohol) for adhesion.

 2) Pay attention to the catheter specifications (6Fr~24Fr) and use the fixing device.

2. How to use

3. How to store and manage

 1) Store at room temperature -10~30℃.

 2) Do not freeze or heat the product.

 3) Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

 4) This product is for one-time use and is prohibited to be reused.