Medical Devices


Product classification: Medical device

Basic Information

Product overview
This product is a blood processing device that centrifuges blood collected from the human body and separates platelet rich plasma by the difference in density of blood components 


1. Centrifuge tube volume 

     (1) 3E-10: 10ml

     (2) 3E-20: 20ml 

2. There is no leakage when centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 5 minutes.

Detail Information

How to use

1. Precautions before use

1) Check the expiration date of the product. 

2) As each set is sterilized, check carefully for any damaged parts before use.

2. How to use (how to operate) 

1) Connect a disposable sterile needle (23G) (separately approved product) to a 10ml tube for blood collection and collect 1.5ml 

    (10ml tube) of anticoagulant (ACD-A). 

    (20ml tube: 3ml anticoagulant) 

2) Using another disposable sterile needle (separately approved product), draw 8.5ml (10ml tube) of the patient's blood.

     (20ml tube: 17ml blood) 

3) Remove the needle of the syringe from which the blood was collected and close the tip of the tube with a cap. 

4) Remove the pusher by turning it counterclockwise and shake it to mix the anticoagulant and blood well. 

     (Remove the supporter for 10ml tube.) 

5) Put the collected blood tube in a general-purpose centrifuge and rotate at 3,000rpm for 5 minutes. 

6) Reconnect the centrifuge tube by turning the push bar clockwise. 

7) Connect the connector to the tube to which the pusher is connected, combine it with the 5ml syringe (3E-20: 10ml syringe), 

      and carefully raise the pusher of the 10ml tube.

     Transfer the PPP (Platelet Poor Plasma) part to a 5ml syringe (3E 20:10ml syringe). 

8) After disconnecting the 5ml syringe (3E-20: 10ml syringe), reconnect the 1ml syringe to the connector, 

     and the remaining in the 10ml tube (3E-20: 20ml tube) 

     Carefully transfer the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) part to the 1ml syringe.

9) Connect the disposable sterile needle (separately approved product) and re-inject the separated component into the patient. 

3.  How to store and manage after use

1) As this product is sterilized for single use, re-sterilization is prohibited. 

2) Dispose of used products in designated collection containers. 

3) Collected products should be disposed of in accordance with waste disposal regulations.