CurePharmtech Co., Ltd. Received the Minister of Science and ICT Award (Gold Prize) at the ‘2023 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition’

7 Nov 2023
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(Photo = Cure Farmtech)

Cure Pharmtech Co., Ltd. announced on the 2nd that it won the gold medal at the 2023 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition.

According to the company, the patented product awarded is an aesthetics lifting thread made from filler ingredients. It is a functional suture yarn that can exhibit both the lifting effect and the effect of filler by containing functional substances such as HA or PDRN, which are filler ingredients, inside the existing lifting thread, called ‘DDSLINE’.

CurePharmtech Co., Ltd. has already launched 'LIFLER', a finished cosmetic product for plastic surgery using this patented material, and it has been reported that leading domestic and foreign companies are preparing to launch products using 'DDSLINE'.

According to the company, Cure PharmTech Co., Ltd., which has grown to specialize in producing absorbable suture known as biodegradable suture since 2019, has been conducting research to utilize the characteristics of absorbable suture that is safely absorbed within the human body for a certain period of time. As a result, , developed 'DDSLINE', a functional suture that contains functional substances in the suture and releases the functional substances according to the decomposition period of the sutre.

Currently, products with moisturizing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and fat reduction functions have been released.

Daeyoung Kim, CEO of Cure Pharmtech Co., Ltd., said, “The newly developed ‘DDSLINE’ is a material that can be used as a drug delivery material, and we plan to develop various types of products in the future.”

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